Luxury Microblading in Dallas, TX

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My Microbladed Brows Will Elevate Your Look

Doll Society’s luxury microblading service in Dallas is perfect for women who are tired of the daily hassle of creating perfect eyebrows with makeup - only to watch them fade away in the Texas heat!

I utilize a cutting-edge Israeli microblading technique that provides you with semi-permanent eyebrows that not only enhance, but also lift and shape the face.

Whether you have sparse or missing eyebrow hair, desire well-defined shape and volume, or simply yearn for a natural and effortlessly beautiful look, my Dallas microblading service is sure to meet your specific needs.

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Initial: $275.00

Touchup: $175.00

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Doll Societys’ Isreali microblading technique enhances your natural brows with semi permanent dye. Unlike tattooed brows (ombre or powder brows) our technique provides a natural fuller looking brow by imitating hair strokes, avoiding the “sharpie” look! Our goal is to always reveal your natural beauty by enhancing what you have rather than creating something new which often ends up looking too harsh.

Doll Society helps women reveal their inner goddess by providing luxury beauty services that elevate, enhance, and empower.

Microbladed Eyebrows Should Reveal Natural Beauty, Not Replace It

My process begins with a personalized consultation, where I attentively listen to your preferences and vision. I meticulously measure and map each stroke to ensure symmetry and a seamless blend with your facial aesthetics. My goal is to enhance your unique features subtly, so most people won't even recognize you've had the service!

Microblading Certifications

Doll Society is your trusted source for microblading, backed by my Phi Brow Master and Shir, Master Brows certifications. These first-in-class programs laid the foundations of my expertise in the microblading field, and I remain committed to continuing education regarding the newest techniques and best practices.

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Don't Settle for Stenciled, Low-Quality Brows

I specialize in creating natural-looking eyebrows, avoiding the stenciled, shaded, or overly bold appearance often associated with subpar microblading. I only use high-quality mineral-based dyes which are chosen for their color stability, and thus do not change colors through the fading process.

Dye shades are carefully matched to your natural brow color and skin tone, ensuring they blend in seamlessly with your facial features. Regular touch-up sessions will ensure your brows keep looking fresh and natural, extending their longevity and preserving their attractive look!

  • Correct overplucked, thin eyebrows

  • Restore symmetrical, even brows

  • Take your brows from sparse to full!

  • Save time when getting ready for your day

  • Improve your face contouring

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Doll Society Microblading FAQ

Who needs microblading?

Everyone can benefit from microblading. Our technique is so natural that we can control how much is needed for each person. From adding thickness to changing the shape, microblading lifts and frames the face while also bringing life to your eyebrows.

Does microblading hurt?

While everyone’s pain tolerance is different, microblading is generally manageable. You will be numbed before the procedure and can always ask your artist to add more numbing cream throughout. You may experience minimal discomfort during the procedure but will be 100% discomfort free immediately after.

Is microblading permanent?

Our technique is only semi permanent. Unlike ombre or powder brows, most people will not need laser hair removal to remove the microblading. After your first session, you will need a touch up. If no touch up is done, the microblading will completely fade in about 3 months. After the second touch up, you will need small touch ups every 9-18 months depending on your skin. However, without touch ups all microblading will eventually fade on its own.

Will the microblading colors turn red, orange or green?

Your microblading color will never turn red orange or green with Doll Society! We do not use any dye that will result in those under tones. Our colors stay true to color throughout the fading process.

Can you change my eyebrow shape with microblading?

Yes, I can change your eyebrow shape, direction, and fullness with microblading!

Where is your microblading studio located?

Doll Society is located at 617 Dalton Ln, Irving, TX 75039.

Do you offer any other beauty services?

Yes, in addition to microblading, I also provide luxury makeup, hair styling, and spray tanning services to my Dallas dolls!