Luxury Spray Tanning in Dallas

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Enhance Your Natural Beauty with a Sunless Spray Tan

In addition to Dallas hairstyling and makeup services, Doll Society also offers luxury spray tanning (sunless tanning) to my Dallas dolls and gents! With a focus on precision, each of my premium quality spray tans is meticulously hand-sprayed and custom-blended to match your individual skin tone, resulting in a flawless complexion that looks incredibly natural. My spray tanning services are very versatile and suitable for a wide range of occasions. Whether you're preparing for a bridal event, a special occasion, a photoshoot, or simply want to boost your confidence with an everyday glow, Doll Society spray tans are tailored to your unique needs and will leave you looking radiant!

In-Studio and Mobile Spray Tanning Services

Luxury Spray Tan


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Doll Society’s luxury spray tan package is administired in my in-studio tanning salon and utilizes my custom blended tanning solution which will always result in the most natural, rich color. My perfected technique ensures you’ll receive the most even, blended tan which reveals the most beautiful and hydrating color enhancement to your skin. No orange, no smell, and no cracking wear off!

Mobile Spray Tan


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I also offer a premium mobile spray tanning experience that brings the luxury of custom-blended tanning right to your doorstep! My expertly crafted tanning solution guarantees a consistent color, and proven techniques ensure your seamlessly blended tan will maintain a gorgeous, natural hue. With Doll Society's mobile spray tanning, you'll enjoy a consistently stunning and long-lasting tan, all in the comfort of your chosen location.

Doll Society helps women reveal their inner goddess by providing luxury beauty services that elevate, enhance, and empower.

Doll Society Sets a New Standard for Dallas Tanning Salons

Rest assured that when you schedule your custom tanning appointment at Doll Society you’ll be working with a professional Dallas spray tan artist that's dedicated to quality, precision, and skin protection. These priorities are why Doll Society is often named the best spray tan in Dallas.

Spray Tan Training & Certifications

Key pieces of my spray tanning expertise have been acquired through the close mentorship I have received from Isabel Alysa - celebrity spray tan artist and founder of the famous Dolce Glow. In addition to this relationship, countless hours of training from Norvell University, Aviva, and more have helped me to refine my service. This allows me to offer my clients a one-of-a-kind spray tan experience that makes use of only the very best spray tan products and techniques.

Norvell University Master Sunless Tanning Certification

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Sunless Tanning Protects Your Health & Self-Esteem

Choosing a subpar spray tanning service can result in unwanted outcomes like uneven, splotchy tans, and an unwanted orange tint to your skin. Even worse, common tanning beds pose severe risks, including skin damage and increased skin cancer risk due to UV radiation exposure.

At the Doll Society beauty salon, you can confidently achieve a beautiful, safe tan every time. Your skin's health and appearance are my top priorities, which is why Doll Society is your most trusted choice for safe and luxurious spray tanning.

  • Receive a smooth and blended tan

  • Protect your skin from UV damage

  • Prevent streaks, lines, and orange color!

  • Avoid hands and feet that are too dark

  • No dry skin or cracking wear-off

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Doll Society Sunless Tanning FAQ

Will a spray tan make me orange?

A Doll Society luxury spray tan will never make you orange. My solution is the best in the industry, and all of my custom blended tans offer rich, natural, color enhancing results.

Will my hands and feet be too dark or too light?

My hand sprayed technique gives me total control of the saturation of the tan. I have perfected hands and feet to always look natural and just the right color! My blending technique at the end of your tan will ensure no harsh lines or discoloration on the hands and feet.

Will the spray tan wear off unevenly, or make me look scaly?

Because my solution is so hydrating and I customize your color, the wear off should be natural and fade like a tan from the sun would.

Will a spray tan work for all skin tones?

Yes! Not only are spray tans good for enhancing color, they also act as a "tinted moisturizer: on the body. It can blur the skin and add hydration! Everyone can benefit from a spray tan.

How long does a spray tan last?

Depending on your skin and how you care for your spray tan, the tan can last from 7 to 10 days. I will provide you with instructions on how to care for your tan and get the most life from it!

Where is the Doll Society spray tanning salon located?

My in-studio tanning salon is located at 617 Dalton Ln, Irving, TX 75039.

How much does a luxury spray tan in Dallas cost?

My luxury spray tan sessions cost $85.00, and mobile sessions at a location of your choosing cost $100.00.